Suicide on rise or is it Murder?

By Cherylynn Costner Springtime is best known for its flowers in bloom, but this year it might have to make room for a bit of gloom. 2018 brings in a string of hanging suicides from NY to France First was fashion designer Kate Spade found in her Manhattan apartment to...

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If England falls then so will Britain, and then one by one all of you. As the elites in society divide and conquer us, we won’t stand a chance. For the first time in decades, many of you are now aware! We cannot afford to fall back to sleep! We are united, and have all our governments on the back foot and panicking! This may be be our ONLY opportunity, before free speech is outlawed – and thought crime is implemented!

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UK-Blackout of Political Prisoner Tommy Robinson

By Cherylynn Costner "Hear me.  Feel me. Touch me. Heal me." The smash hit musical Tommy by English rock and roll legends, The Who was all about a blind, deaf, and dumb man who overcame his physical handicaps by zoning in and becoming the Pin-Ball Wizard.  But was...

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American Witch Hunt $17 Million; Tanzania No Cost

We collectively think about witch hunts having been outlawed over 300 years ago when England banned it while the USA still was considered English Colonies.  It was quite brutal and horrific and remains as a tragic time period in early American history.  Yet, if President Trump is the victim of a modern day Witch Hunt, he most certainly would not be an isolated occurrence if you look at the news from Tanzania.

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Royal Pain in the Acid Burn

Jaf Shah, of Acid Survivors Trust International, said: “Concentrated acid is clearly becoming the weapon of choice for gangland kids.

“For the perpetrators, using acid is a ‘safer’ crime to commit because you are not going to be charged if you are caught in possession of it. It is very cheap and kids of any age can make a cash payment and cannot be traced. “The Government needs to urgently introduce measures to make concentrated acid and ammonia available only for over-18s and with a credit card.” Outside the royal palaces the streets of have been a bloody mess. More than one thousand protesters gathered in Windsor before the big bash this morning for Prince Harry and his American Actress who will play . . .

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Strait Out of the Trojan Horse’s Mouth

Does saying Sharia Law is the coming back of Jesus make it more palatable? Like it or not, Trump spoke up first. We all saw the Trojan Horse but had no voice. With Trump’s celebrity appeal he was able to get the message out and then won the election as a voice for the People in a historical landslide Victory! But the war is on against Christianity with George Soros leading the advance in liberal states like California which has gone so far as to defy the Freedom of Religion the country was founded on in an attempt to Ban the Bible!

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Karma and the Iran Nuclear Deal

By Linda L Barton When President Trump announced, the US will withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal many world leaders, US politicians, and media pundits seemed to have lost their minds. I find their responses surprising since President Trump had been clear of his...

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North Korea and the Art of the Deal

By Linda L Barton The world had a chance to watch the Art of the Deal play out with the negotiations between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and North Korea. So far, it’s worked out well with the unconditional release of the three Americans held by the North Korean...

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BREAKING: Mass Shooting in Australia

By Linda L Barton On a daily basis in the USA, we are told to turn in our guns because GUNS KILL PEOPLE. We are told there is no reason to own a gun. We've been told we should leave our protection to law enforcement. Well, the Australian people took that step. They...

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Lebanon: Upcoming War with Israel?

By George G Lombardi It appears unofficial results show Hezbollah and its political allies have won over half of the seats in Lebanon's recent parliamentary elections. The apparent gains made on Sunday by a Hezbollah-backed alliance risks complicating Western policy...

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Censorship to Cover Immigrant Violence

President Trump is attempting to secure our boarders and culture. Because We the People were able to elect an honest business man who puts Americans first, we have not lost complete control, at least, not on the surface. However, we have a biased media trying to defend the globalists who are still in favor of drenching the US with a flood of foreigners to pledge to Kill Americans and install Sharia Law.

One thing about Sharia Law is that sex with children and even toddlers is acceptable. Since US Codes protect children from being raped or kidnapped for the same, perhaps the globalists seek more so-called “refugees” to hid their perverted sexual fetishes under the pretense of religious freedoms.

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Breaking: Trump Wins Again!

By Linda L Barton Many people keep a “wait and see” attitude when it comes to dealing with North Korea. Hey, I get it. Heck, I don’t trust Kim Jong-Un either, BUT it looks like something GREAT is happening. There is real progress, and this progress DIRECTLY affects...

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