By Cherylynn Costner

More than 200,000 minors were married in the United States in last 15 years.  Is it time for President Trump to follow the example of Inger Støjberg, the Danish Minister for Immigration, Integration, and Housing,  who is striving to end child rape and slavery in the name of religion?

Denmark has begun protecting children from sexual predators and slave masters.  Child brides being brought to Europe by their considerably older migrant husbands are to be separated in Denmark, but one high profile Iman is urging the government to accept “that it is a different culture.”  If we are not careful, we might be running open slave markets like Bulgaria, hey it is their “culture”, why not sell children to the highest bidder?  Where is the line drawn? 

The Danish government has taken a logical stance to end the indoctrination and brainwashing of Muslim child brides. A number of recent cases where marriages of adult men to girls as young as 14 years of age, and sanctioned by the Danish state, have become a national scandal.

Now, right-wing immigration minister Inger Støjberg has vowed the children will be protected in the future, with couples where one of the parties is under 18 being separated whether they have already arrived in Denmark or not. It is reported eight married children in Danish asylum centers are already pregnant, or have given birth.

The government is now planning to deport migrant men who marry and impregnate children. In fact, The Home Office Forced Marriage Unit says of 1,302 cases investigated last year in the UK, 15% (195) involved those under sixteen-years-old, who were raped and impregnated by their Muslim husbands. Indeed, this is ILLEGAL under British legislation, but apparently, Theresa May gets her rocks off over it. 

Islamic men are told to marry up to FOUR TIMES.  However, who is counting? In some of the extreme Islamic countries, men have been allowed hundreds of wives.  How does any man do that?  They take babies and little girls in as property. CHILDREN who are illiterate Muslim peasant girls who are kept illiterate by a social system which stacks the odds AGAINST a girl ever becoming a professional person after achieving a university education.

Christopher Everard of the Enigma Channel reports that THERESA MAY has allowed thousands of ISIS supporters into Britain – indeed she has given them billions of pounds in hard cash and free houses – and some of those ISIS supporters have CHILDREN as wives…. If the girl is wed lawfully in her homeland then her husband cannot be prosecuted under UK law, Theresa May’s Home Office admitted – and she has briefed the police not to make arrests – even when a child is being raped by her Muslim father.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, ISIS fighters are receiving BRITISH TAX PAYERS MONEY to topple the Syrian government in a grab for their oil fields. Breitbart claims those exact same ISIS fighters have CHILDREN as wives and are allowed by Theresa May to commit pedophilia child-rape in Britain.

While the Democrats play hide n seek with professional sex workers over something that is alleged to have happened LONG before President Trump even announced his bid for the White House, they ignore the violent and obscene forced marriages FAR-Left liberal states like California seem to protect above its own law-abiding citizens.

The Porn-Star and the Playboy Model: Cause for Breaking Lawyer-Client Privilege

The Democrats have weaponized sex by the misuse of digging up dirt and then making it more important than the real-life women who are not even women yet.  They are making a mockery of our culture while ignoring the blatant abuse of women which are completely ignored in the fake Women’s Marches. These marches are staged by the same people who seek to enslave women via child brides to old oppressive men 2, 3 or 4 times their age.

Allowing men in the name of fairness, to use Women’s bathrooms and then stay silent when girls get raped or molested by tranny imposters has opened Pandora’s Box. It is not by accident but appears intentionally designed to did-stabilize society while keeping the President distracted with false sexual claims. These same sore losers have done everything they can to disrupt his Presidency. They have stirred up fake scandal after scandal so he cannot protect American children from the clear and present danger that child marriages represent. Their fight against the Wall and protecting our borders is another way of allowing such evil to enter our country.

The time has come for America to join the resistance against forced marriages on American soil.  If we really mean business, we can follow the example of seriously protecting women by deporting the family units that violate our antipolygamy laws. We MUST prevent entry into the USA of those with child wives or those seeking to have child wives.

All the #MeToo hoopla is all a bunch of political posturing until something serious is done about this. Girls deserve better. America cannot honestly be made “Great Again” until girls can say the same!  MAGA!!